Starjumpz Testimonials

Multi-Disciplinary Paediatric Assessment

Dr Siggers’ reports are thorough and detailed, her assessments looking across co-occurring conditions rather than at each in isolation, and address key challenges to schools so that they can understand why our children are struggling.  This is so important, and is vital to helping others understand neurodevelopmental challenges are unique to each child.  I am so eternally grateful that Dr Siggers operates in our area, as we are extremely lucky to have a specialist such as her to support our children. She spent a great deal of time with our family for both of my children’s assessments, and understood us all as a family. She has helped us immeasurably, and we are truly thankful to her and the team at Starjumpz.

Ms M Corbett

We visited Starjumpz for both a Paediatric Diagnostic Assessment, and then an Occupational Therapy Assessment for my son and I cannot express just how wonderful the centre is. The staff are all amazing… really put us all at ease. I do not hesitate to recommend Starjumpz to anyone and everyone! Our lives have been changed SO much for the better since coming to Starjumpz!

Mrs L

My son had a full assessment with Dr Siggers for diagnosis and full occupational therapy assessment with Anya Kennedy. Both reports were fantastic and so worth it. My son had his first OT session today and I was so impressed. The skills and knowledge of these professionals is outstanding. I look forward to building a well-established relationship with everyone at the centre. Thank you so much!

Mrs R Blackman

Visiting Starjumpz with both my children has literally helped change our lives to give us answers we needed to better understand them. Staff are friendly and supportive. Dr Siggers is absolutely amazing! Couldn’t recommend more highly!!! Thank you Starjumpz

Mrs S

We went to Starjumpz for an assessment with Dr Leclezio Paediatrician. She was excellent, very gentle and she communicated especially sensitively with my son making the assessment a very positive experience. We also saw Clare Lucas Speech Therapist who was lovely and made my son feel at ease.

Mrs E

Dr Siggers was everything a paediatrician should be, one of the best paediatric doctors we have ever met. Her passion and dedication shone through in the assessment. She had this calming air about her. She was very focused and attentive to both my son and I. She got us both through a hard day. The way in which she delivered Harrys official diagnosis will never leave me. She made it as positive and uplifting as she knew best. She never once used negative comments and her advocacy for autism shone through. I will always be so grateful for her kindness and support.

Mrs H
The service we received from Dr Georgie Siggers was life changing! The whole team at Starjumpz have a heart of gold. Thank you all x

Mrs B

Highly recommended. All staff so helpful and supportive through a rather emotional time.

Mrs E

Amazing place. Can’t thank them enough for seeing my son and properly assessing my son. We’ve now got a diagnosis and peace of mind. Highly recommend!

Mrs T

Occupational Therapy/ Sensory Integration Therapy

The sensory integration my son received at Starjumpz was brilliant. He thought he was having a play date with Jo as it was such fun for him but was actually getting the help he needed to organise his sensory overload and as a result we saw him able to deal much better with tantrums and frustration. The help we got for him at Starjumpz is still being used at school to this day. A great team of people who made you feel part of a special family.

Nikki Richards

We have started working with the dear Olivia Luke a few weeks ago, and we have been so delighted in the progress we’ve already been blessed to witness in our daughter.  She took to Ms. Luke right away and was immediately looking so forward to her next session with her and all the games and play they would get to do.  Ms. Luke brings great wisdom, care, and personability to her work, her depth of experience and passion for what she does is evident.  While being clear and helpful, she also creates a space that is encouraging, safe, and a joy for the child to expand into and try new things.  Starjumpz and Ms. Luke have our family’s fullest and heartfelt appreciation and recommendation.

Danielle R.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Liz and her functional medicine approach has been essential to my journey of figuring out exactly what is going on with my health! She’s patiently helped me try to untangle the myriad of related symptoms and encouraged me to rest as much as I can. When I’ve been overwhelmed with the need to overhaul my diet, she’s gently reminded me that some change is better than no change, and I don’t have to do everything overnight. When I’ve had trouble understanding the science of what’s going on in my body. Dr. Liz has explained clearly and simply – often with diagrams, which I find extremely helpful! – how different systems interact with one another. She’s full of interesting information about new studies, the effects of vitamins and supplements, and how lifestyle choices affect overall health. I’ve learned so much working with her and am grateful for her time, patience, expertise, and encouragement.

Mrs C

Play Therapy

My pictures have gone from dark to light, that is how I feel inside.

Testimony from a child.

Alpha Stim Device for Anxiety and Insomnia

My son has been using the Alpha Stim. Within 3 days we noticed a significant impact on his anxiety levels. As a result, we’ve been able to do things as a family that we’ve never been able to do before. And my son’s world has totally changed. He can now be around other children in environments like playgrounds. Such a breakthrough. A total life changer.

Mrs L

Dr Emily Durling’s Autism Assessment Service

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for the time and attention you dedicated to my child’s paediatric autism assessment and report. Your expertise and compassionate approach have made a profound impact on our lives. You have provided a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, which has given us a greater understanding of who she is, along with her personal needs, allowing her the precious gift of being unapologetically herself.  I believe that this diagnosis and your thorough report will serve as a crucial roadmap for her future. Not only might it help her access the support and understanding she may require but also empower her to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with confidence. Your dedication to your work and your genuine care for your patients are truly commendable, Emily. We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you during this critical time. Your guidance has not only benefited my child, but has also provided me, as her mother,  with much-needed reassurance and direction.

Mrs B

Dr Emily, Lauren and the whole team at Starjumpz have provided our daughter and our whole family with the finest care throughout our daughter’s assessment; making her feel comfortable and supported at every step of the process. The report produced was incredible insightful, sensitive to and inclusive of every one of our daughter’s idiosyncrasies, and importantly, producing a set of recommendations that were genuinely helpful and practical to implement. Our daughter, the family and schools will be able to offer our daughter all the support she needs now. Thank you!


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