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Our multi-disciplinary team is expanding, we would love to hear from specialists and therapists who are interested in joining us. Please complete the form below if you would like to find out more about joining the Starjumpz team.

Current positions we are seeking to fill as soon as possible include:

  • Speech and Language Therapist Full time
  • Clinical Psychologists including those with ADOS Training who can diagnose Autism and ADHD (Part time/ full time)
  • Occupational Therapy Associate 2 days per week with Sensory Integration Level 3 training
  • Mental Health Nurse Part time
  • Educational Psychologist Part time

For the Speech and Language Therapist position please click here for more details and to apply:

Click here for more information about the Speech and Language Therapist position and to apply

Speech and Language Therapist

Person Specification

Job Title Speech and Language Therapist
  Essential (E)

Desirable (D)

Application Form (A)/ Interview (I)
Education/ Professional Qualification     Degree/ graduate diploma or equivalent in Speech and Language Therapy E A
    Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration as a Speech and Language Therapist E A
    Member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists D A
    Membership of clinical excellence network D A
    ADOS 2 trained D A
Experience     Experience working with a range of differing needs including complex E A/I
    Good understanding of relevant clinical guidelines E




    Relevant experience at a under/ post graduate level E A/I


    Good reports from clinical placements E A/I
    Experience working with parents, carers and other professionals E A/I


    Active participation in an audit or project work E A/I


    Computer literate, to include working knowledge of Microsoft Office E A/I


    Evidence of CPD D A/I
    Experience working in a multidisciplinary team D A/I


    Presentations to a range of groups D A/I
Knowledge & Skills     Knowledge and skill in providing assessment and intervention to clients E




    Knowledge and understanding of relevant SLT models and approaches E I
    Able to work autonomously and use initiative utilising clinical and personal supervision where appropriate and necessary E A/I
    Aware of own capabilities and able to request support when appropriate E A/I
    Effective clinical reasoning skills E I
    Ability to reflect on and appraise own practice E A/I


    Effective verbal communication skills with a range of patients and healthcare professionals regarding complex and sensitive issues E I


    Effective written communication skills E A/I
    Good presentation skills E I
    Able to manage clinical caseload and prioritise effectively with support E I
    Ability to work effectively within different teams both multi and undiscipline E A/I


    Ability to manage own time & meet deadlines E I
    Ability to be proactive in-service development E I
    Ability to critically evaluate current research & apply to own practice E I
    Ability to apply relevant legislation and policies such as Safeguarding, Mental Health Act E A/I


    Ability to recognise unacceptable behaviour and act on this appropriately E I
    Good auditory discrimination skills and ability to transcribe phonetically E I
    Ability to communicate complex and sensitive information using a variety of different methods and being able to adapt these where necessary E I
    Effective organisational, planning and decision making skills E I
    Understanding of risks and risk assessment and management E I
Personal Qualities and Attributes     Friendly and approachable E I
    Strong interpersonal skills, including empathy, listening skills and assertiveness E I
    Ability to negotiate E I
    Positive attitude to change; able to facilitate change within teams E I
    Self-motivated and able to motivate others E I
    Ability to remain professional in complex and challenging situations E I
    Flexible and responsive to change E I
Others     Physically fit and able to comply with company manual handling guidelines E




    Ability to cope with emotional/ traumatic situations, seeking support where appropriate E




For the Clinical Psychology position please click here for more details and to apply:

Click here for information about the Clinical Psychologist position(s) and to apply


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